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Pancreatic Enzymes (formerly Dipan-9)

Pancreatic Enzymes (formerly Dipan-9)

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Pancreatic enzymes are essential for digestion and absorption of nutrients after they leave the stomach and arrive in the small intestine. This important step assures that the nutrients we take in are delivered to our body. Supplementing with Thorne's Pancreatic Enzymes supports this natural process for individuals who need a little extra help. A decrease in enzyme secretion from the pancreas can occur as a normal part of aging.

 Benefits of Thorne's Pancreatic Enzymes

  • Provides support for occasional indigestion, particularly after eating fatty foods
  • Minimizes gas and bloating
  • Enhances the absorption of fat-soluble nutrient like vitamins A, D, E, and K and CoQ10
  • Supports absorption of essential fatty acids like omega-3 fish oils
  • Helps maintain normal stool consistency


Key features of Thorne's Pancreatic Enzymes

  • Contains undiluted pancreatic enzymes
  • Does not contain lactose, which is often used to dilute pancreatic enzymes
  • Contains lipase for fat digestion, amylase for carb/starch digestion, and protease as a proteolytic enzyme for protein digestion


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